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Here you’ll find factual information on breast health and breast cancer to order, download or share.

These factsheets have been developed by the Foundation’s medical education team.

  • I've found a breast lump What Happens Next

    It is important to remember that most breast changes are not breast cancer, however any new or unusual changes need to be checked promptly by a doctor.

  • What Do My Biopsy Results Mean?

    The pathologist prepares a report of the findings, including the diagnosis, and sends it to your surgeon or oncologist.

  • What Are My Surgical Options?

    Every woman is different and requires her own treatment plan, as no two breast cancers are the same.

  • What Happens After Surgery?

    Breast cancer is a complex disease and it’s important to understand that your treatment plan is specific to your type of breast cancer.

  • Lymphodema After Breast Cancer

    It’s important to know the signs of lymphoedema and show any unusual swelling to your doctor even if you were treated years ago.

  • Aromatase Inhibitors

    Aromatase inhibitors are a class of drugs that block this process and reduce the amount of oestrogen in the body.

  • 'Priorities In Breast Awareness' Fact Sheet

    An easy to read fact sheet that outlines the priorities in breast health, being:

    1. Mammograms
    2. Know your breasts
    3. Your family doctor
  • 'Risk and Risk Reduction Factors for Breast Cancer' Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet covers the main risk factors for breast cancer including gender and age. It also looks at risk reduction factors like increasing physical activity, eating healthy food and reducing your alcohol intake.

  • 'Male Breast Cancer in New Zealand' Fact Sheet

    More than 2600 New Zealand women will be diagnosed each year breast cancer - so will 20 men. Find out more about male breast cancer in New Zealand.

  • 'Mammograms - The Facts' Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet includes information on how a mammogram is taken, the benefits of having a regular mammogram and has details on how you can get a free mammogram.

  • 'Breast Cancer In New Zealand' Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet contains a myriad of facts about breast cancer in New Zealand, including the fact that breast cancer is the most common cancer among New Zealand women, one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and also includes details on what being 'breast aware' is.

  • 'Healthy Lifestyle Choices' Fact Sheet

    This handy fact sheet details the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, the benefits of physical activity and the role alcohol plays in the risk of developing breast cancer. Plus is has some easy, modifiable lifestyle choices you can make to also help reduce your risk.

  • Tamoxifen

    Tamoxifen blocks oestrogen by attaching to the oestrogen receptors much like a key in a lock.