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22 May 2017

An interview with Amber Arkell: insight into a young woman's breast cancer journey

Amber was just 26 years old when her boyfriend felt a lump in her breast. Two months later, she found out that it was breast cancer. We chatted to her about tackling breast cancer as a young woman. …Read more
16 May 2017

A blood test to detect breast cancer is on the horizon

What does oil have to do with cancer? According to Dharmica Mistry, Chief Scientist of biotech start up Breast Cancer Associated Lipids (BCAL) Diagnostics, the answer could be everything. …Read more
12 Apr 2017

FDA confirms link between silicone implants and blood cancer

Last month, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed a link between breast implants and a type of blood cancer called lymphoma. Find out what these findings mean for women who have, or are considering getting, synthetic breast implants as part of their post-cancer reconstructive surgery plan. …Read more
07 Apr 2017

Mary shares her cancer diary - Part Four: Chemo: day 1, cycle 1

Mary Brookes, 52, was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in January 2016. She documented her ups and downs to share with her friends, and now she’s sharing titbits from her journal and chemo diary with you. …Read more
06 Apr 2017

Heavens rain on pink parade

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s Pink Caravan was due to visit Levin, Palmerston North and Wanganui this week but the near biblical rains of Cyclone Debbie have forced Dianne Swann, Pink Caravan Project Coordinator, to call off the visits. …Read more
23 Mar 2017

8 meaningful things you can do to help your loved ones in their battle against breast cancer

When someone that you know is diagnosed with cancer, it can be really hard to know how to support them. Fortunately, there are lots of small things that you can do to show that you care. …Read more
22 Mar 2017

Vaccine to fight stage four breast cancer

Imagine if no one died from breast cancer… if we stopped it in its tracks, so it couldn’t spread and kill. …Read more
07 Mar 2017

Mediterranean diet could cut your risk of a hard-to-treat type of breast cancer by 40%

Following the Mediterranean diet could cut your risk of a certain hard-to-treat kind of breast cancer by 40%, says a new study from the Netherlands. …Read more
13 Jan 2017

Researchers may have found a solution for chemo-brain

One of breast cancer’s biggest survivorship problems could be solved with brain exercises. …Read more
13 Jan 2017

5 simple New Year’s resolutions to keep you healthy in 2017

Why not make 2017 about looking after your health? And we’re not talking about strict diets or monumental exercise challenges – just simple, easy steps you can take to reduce your risk of breast cancer, improve your health, and help you feel good. …Read more
09 Dec 2016

Jo’s lesson learned: Advice for your first Christmas with breast cancer

Five years ago Jo ploughed through her first Christmas during treatment as if nothing was wrong, and it ended in disaster. This Christmas, her first since being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, she’s putting what she learned into action. …Read more
09 Dec 2016

Tips for your first Christmas after diagnosis, from women who’ve been there

Whether you’re newly diagnosed, having treatment, or getting used to life with or after breast cancer, your first Christmas after diagnosis can be rough. …Read more